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Policy 6 Design Principles

Cornwall, Neighbourhood Plan

1. New development must be sited and designed so as to recognise, support and develop the distinctive visual character of St Stephen by Launceston Rural Parish.

2. Applications shall include supporting documentation demonstrating the proposed development:

a) will preserve or enhance the local landscape, natural environment and wildlife habitats in response to and informed by the Landscape Character Area Description LCA No CA31 Upper Tamar and Ottery Valleys;

b) will be visually well-integrated with nearby structures in terms of form, scale, local building details/design features, materials, finishes and colour, siting, landscaping and characteristic patterns of settlement;

c) is informed by the St Stephen by Launceston Design Guide and the Cornwall Design Guide;

d) where applicable supports the delivery of lifetime homes principles;

e) provides off-road parking commensurate to the use of the building; and

f) restricts carbon emissions by complying with high energy efficiency standards and utilising low energy design.

3. Proposals where new/replacement lighting is required for existing or new-build will be supported where they demonstrate good practice in protecting the night sky, in terms of the number, design specification and position of lighting fixtures selected, and include:

a) sensors to ensure lights turn off when not required;

b) correlated colour temperature limit of 3000 Kelvins or less, and;

c) down lighting with full shielding at the horizontal and above for any fixture exceeding 500 initial lumens, or evidence of limited impact of unshielded lighting (i.e. through use of adaptive controls, and less bright, warmer colour bulbs).

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