Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Proposals for the provision of accommodation in the countryside for a rural worker will be supported where:

(a) it can be demonstrated that there is an essential operational need for a full time worker to be resident at or near the place of work;

(b) the size and nature of the development is such that it can be sustained by the scale of the operation, reflective of the location and setting and proportionate to the needs of the intended occupants;

(c) the accommodation needs cannot be met by any other means including:

(i) accommodation in a nearby settlement; or

(ii) by an existing dwelling at or near the site; or

(iii) through the conversion of a suitable redundant or disused building on site; and

(d) appropriate highway access can be provided.

(2) Where the enterprise is well established, of a sufficient size to support a full-time worker, economically viable and has clear prospects of remaining so, support will be given to the provision of a permanent new dwelling.

(3) Where the enterprise does not meet the criteria set out to support the provision of a new permanent dwelling, the provision of temporary accommodation will be considered for an initial period of three years.

(4) New accommodation provided for rural workers will beand all existing dwellings at the rural business may be, subject to occupancy restrictions and, where it is felt appropriate by the Local Planning Authority, may be subject to a legal agreement tying its use to the specific rural business.

(5) Applications for the removal of occupancy conditions or ties on dwellings for rural workers will only be permitted where there is compelling evidence to demonstrate that such a restriction is no longer justified. 

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