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Policy ST20: Providing Homes for Traveller Communities

Local Plan, North Devon, North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, Torridge, Travelling Communities

(1) Delivery will be pro-actively pursued to provide adequate and appropriate accommodation to meet the identified needs and demands of traveller communities in northern Devon whilst recognising their traditional and nomadic way of life and respecting the interests of the settled community.

(2) During the period 2011-2031, provision to meet identified needs in northern Devon will be made to deliver:

(a) at least 15 pitches for permanent traveller accommodation; and

(b) at least 2 transit sites or emergency stopping places each providing for the accommodation of 4 or 5 pitches.

(3) Where allocation offers the most appropriate mechanism for delivery, sites will be allocated through a Development Plan Document to provide an appropriate range of accommodation to meet the identified accommodation needs and demands of travellers across northern Devon. 

(4) Proposals for traveller accommodation will be supported where they will meet an identified need whilst respecting the principles of sustainable development and having regard to the interests of the settled community.

(5) Existing authorised sites providing traveller accommodation will be safeguarded unless it is demonstrated that they are no longer required to meet identified need.

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