Neighbourhood Plan Online

The quality of northern Devon’s natural environment will be protected and enhanced by ensuring that development contributes to:

(a) providing a net gain in northern Devon’s biodiversity where possible, through positive management of an enhanced and expanded network of designated sites and green infrastructure, including retention and enhancement of critical environmental capital;

(b) protecting the hierarchy of designated sites in accordance with their status;

(c) conserving European protected species and the habitats on which they depend;

(d) conserving northern Devon’s geodiversity and its best and most versatile agricultural land;

(e) conserving the setting and special character and qualities of the North Devon Coast Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty whilst fostering the social and economic well being of the area;

(f) ensuring development conserves and enhances northern Devon’s local distinctiveness including its tranquillity, and the setting and special qualities of Exmoor National Park including its dark night skies;

(g) protecting and enhancing local landscape and seascape character, taking into account the key characteristics, the historical dimension of the landscape and their sensitivity to change;

(h) recognising the importance of the undeveloped coastal, estuarine and marine environments through supporting designations, plans and policies that aim to protect and enhance northern Devon’s coastline;

(i) conserving and enhancing the robustness of northern Devon’s ecosystems and the range of ecosystem services they provide;

(j) increasing opportunities for access, education and appreciation of all aspects of northern Devon’s environment, for all sections of the community;

(k) meeting the Nature Improvement Area’s strategic objectives; and

(l) improving failing water bodies and preventing deterioration of water quality

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