Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Proposals for new leisure, tourism, commercial, maritime and recreation development will be supported in the Harbour and Seafront Tourism Area, as shown on Policies Map 7, where they:

(a) conserve and enhance the area’s built heritage, street scene and the special character and appearance of the Conservation Area;

(b) retain and enhance the open character and landscape quality of the Seafront Area and the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty; and

(c) do not prejudice the achievement of pedestrian priority in the area.

(2) Land at Ilfracombe Harbour, identified as the Inner and Outer Harbour, will be safeguarded for harbour related uses that require a quayside location, subject to:

(a) retaining necessary access to the quay for service and commercial vehicles; and

(b) a high standard of design that respects the heritage and historic character and appearance of the quay and harbour area.

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