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Policy HOL: Holsworthy Spatial Vision and Development Strategy

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The Spatial Vision
Holsworthy will build upon its strong agricultural heritage to develop as an agricultural hub and centre of excellence that is innovative, enterprising and adds value to this important rural employment sector. This will act as a catalyst for economic prosperity offering improved employment and enhanced education opportunities for residents of the town and the surrounding rural communities. The town will continue to be a focus in the rural south-west of northern Devon for employment opportunities, bolstered by an expanded range of employment provision in and around the town to meet the needs of both new and existing companies.

It will build upon its position as a successful market town, to thrive in its role as an important service centre, becoming more self-contained and offering a range of services and facilities appropriate to support both its own population and the surrounding rural communities which rely upon it. In doing so it will become an attractive destination for visitors, drawn by a strong, vibrant and attractive town centre and good connectivity to the surrounding countryside.

An appropriate range of housing, in accessible and well integrated locations, will be provided so as to meet the needs of the town’s changing population whilst accepting its responsibility to also accommodate some of the needs of surrounding rural communities where these cannot be met elsewhere.

The town’s built heritage and sensitive landscape setting will be protected, recognising that this character helps to define the town, whilst interventions and regeneration will be supported to achieve townscape improvements and deliver enhanced gateways to the town.

The Spatial Development Strategy
(1) Over the period to 2031, the Local Plan will enable a modest scale of high quality development and supporting interventions in and around Holsworthy which positively contribute towards the delivery of the spatial vision for the town whilst respecting the sensitive setting of the town in the landscape. Specifically, the Local Plan will support:

(a) provision of a minimum of 670 new dwellings including affordable and supported homes, of sizes, types and tenures to meet the housing needs of the community and to be provided with associated supporting development and infrastructure, on a continuous basis during the Plan period between 2011 and 2031;

(b) in addition to existing commitments, provision of new site allocations, comprising of a mix of brownfield regeneration opportunities, along with accessible and well integrated greenfield sites, to deliver approximately 415 additional dwellings;

(c) provision of an agri-business park incorporating a new livestock market, agri-business centre and employment park offering associated agriculture-related employment and retail provision to the north of the town;

(d) non-car modes of transit and highway network improvements to secure safe and sustainable access to new employment based development;

(e) redevelopment of the existing livestock market site to provide a regenerated southern gateway to the town, delivering a new convenience food store to help increase self-containment and provision of a range of housing to meet community needs;

(f) delivery of an extension to the Dobles Lane Industrial Estate to offer general employment opportunities to meet the needs of town and surrounding rural hinterland;

(g) safeguarding of existing employment provision and support for enhancement and expansion where opportunities arise;

(h) support for initiatives in and around the town centre to enhance its vitality through the provision of an expanded service and retail offer and appropriate enhancements to the public realm and townscape;

(i) an expansion of educational capacity and early years provision;

(j) provision of enhanced recreation and sport facilities, focused on reinforcing Stanhope Park as a hub site;

(k) securing opportunities to improve public access to the surrounding river valleys and countryside beyond through an enhanced and expanded network of footpaths and cycleways; and

(l) enhanced Sustainable Drainage Systems will be required for developments that lie within the Critical Drainage Area affecting the town.

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