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Policy BID: Bideford Spatial Vision and Development Strategy

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Policy BID: Bideford Spatial Vision and Development Strategy

The Spatial Vision

Bideford will continue to be a focus for growth in northern Devon, which will be delivered without prejudice to valued environmental assets having due regard to the importance of the areas setting and landscape quality.

Bideford will provide an enhanced range of services and facilities to meet the needs of its residents and hinterland. The town will offer a choice of well-designed housing which meets lifetime needs with a network of greenspaces linking the surrounding countryside. There will be a diverse range of local employment supported by a skilled workforce with strong linkages to enhanced educational infrastructure. Bideford Port, together with associated infrastructure will develop as an asset that contributes to the economic significance of the town. The town centre will be vibrant, attractive and safe for all users with a range of retail and leisure activities achieved through a programme of regeneration and public realm enhancements that encourages increased use and investment.

The Spatial Development Strategy

(1) Over the period to 2031, the Local Plan will enable significant growth of high quality development which is supported by necessary infrastructure that will meet the needs of Bideford and its surrounding communities and to strengthen Bideford’s role as a Strategic Centre. Achieved development will be delivered having regard to the setting of the town in the landscape and its special character provided by the coastal location. Specifically, the Local Plan will support:

(a) provision of a minimum of 4,127 dwellings including affordable and supported homes to meet all of the community’s housing needs, with associated development and infrastructure;

(b) in addition to existing commitments, new site allocations, including capacity provided by previously developed sites, will be required to provide approximately 2,815 dwellings;

(c) urban extensions to the west and south-west of Bideford and to the south of East-the-Water (as part of the provision of new site allocations) will accommodate strategically significant levels of housing growth of approximately 2,130 dwellings that is supported by required social and physical infrastructure;

(d) employment capacity will be maintained and enhanced on established industrial estates and additional provision made to develop the town’s role as a locally significant employment centre. Additional employment capacity will be provided on new site allocations: approximately 8 hectares to the south of the Caddsdown Industrial Park and 5 hectares for commercial development on Atlantic Park as part of the Bideford West urban extension;

(e) support for initiatives within Bideford town centre and environs that improves the town’s functionality and vitality through an expansion and enhanced range of appropriate uses. To achieve the objectives of the Bideford Regeneration Framework, regeneration and revitalisation schemes at the former Livestock Market, The Pill, Bridge Street and East-the-Water Wharves will provide the focus for town centre, quayside and waterfront improvements;

(f) social and community facilities, will be required to support new development including an expansion of educational capacity at primary and secondary levels and new and expanded sports and recreation facilities, including the hub site at Victoria Park;

(g) deliver economic growth through capitalising on enhanced levels of assistance offered by the Assisted Areas status;

(h) new developments will meet their own infrastructure requirements and will contribute to sustainable movement into and around Bideford and Northam, including the promotion of public transport use and improved routes and facilities for cycling and walking. Improved capacity at the Heywood Road roundabout will also be required to accommodate increased traffic movements from Bideford and Northam; and

(i) provision of enhanced Sustainable Drainage Systems on sites which fall within or feed into the Bideford ‘Critical Drainage Area’ and improvements to the Kenwith Flood Risk Defence Scheme

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