Neighbourhood Plan Online

Policy 2: Maintaining the Ecosystem


Cornish style hedges are an important part of the character and ecology of the parish. Proposals for development will be supported where:

a) Hedge removal is minimised.

b) Any hedge that is to be removed must be structurally and ecologically surveyed by qualified personnel, (ref Hedgerow Handbook), prior to removal and replacement hedging should match that removed, in order to maintain wildlife habitats and corridors.

c) Where achievable there should be an off-set distance of 8 metres from a retained Cornish hedge.

d) Developments should be planned and designed to protect and enhance local wildlife species and habitats, including those that are undesignated, demonstrating how they aim to achieve a net-gain in biodiversity. Developments should consider wildlife at both the site-scale, linking habitats on the site to neighbouring sites, and at the scale of individual buildings where enhancements for wildlife can be designed in. Where required applications should be supported by a Phase 1 Habitat Survey and/or BS5837 Tree Survey.

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