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Policy 9 Conserving and Enhancing Biodiversity Through Development

Cornwall, Neighbourhood Plan, Safeguarding biodiversity, Tree and hedge preservation, Wildlife habitats

1. Proposals must demonstrate how their scheme has responded to the advice contained within Cornwall Council’s ‘Cornwall Planning for Biodiversity Guide’.

2. Proposals shall enhance the biodiversity and green infrastructure, retaining and enhancing wildlife areas, green spaces and the connections between them, demonstrating how they will:

a) avoid harm to designated areas which contain large or linked areas of semi-natural habitat and seek to protect large areas of semi-natural habitat in non-designated areas;

b) maintain patches of semi-natural habitats and ideally link separated areas together as part of the intended end land-use;

c) ensure retention, restoration and/or re-creation of habitat linkages such as Cornish hedges as part of developments;

d) take enhancement opportunities to create, expand, buffer and link semi-natural habitats on-site; and

e) create new semi-natural habitat off-site if opportunities on-site are limited.

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