Neighbourhood Plan Online

The Local Plan will provide homes in a proportional manner where they can best meet need and sustain the role and function of local communities and that of their catchment. Development proposals in the period to 2030 should help to deliver:

1. A minimum of 52,500 homes at an average rate of about 2,625 per year to 2030, to help deliver sufficient new housing of appropriate types to meet future requirements. In particular, meeting affordable housing needs;

2. At least 318 permanent pitches for Gypsies and Travellers, 60 transit pitches and 11 plots for Travelling Show people;

3. Provide for 38,000 full time jobs and 704,000 sq. metres of employment floorspace to help deliver a mix of 359,583 sq. metres of B1a and B1b office and 344,417 sq. metres of B1c, B2 and B8 industrial premises by 2030;

4. The provision of additional bed spaces within purpose-built accommodation commensurate with the scale of any agreed expansion of student numbers at the Penryn campus , taking into consideration any changes in student numbers within other campuses at the universities in Falmouth and Penryn

5. The provision of 2,550 bed spaces in communal establishments for older persons, including nursing and specialist accommodation.






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