Neighbourhood Plan Online

Proposals to deliver permanent affordable housing at Local Centres, Villages and Rural Settlements will be supported, subject to the following:

(a) the site is well related to or adjoining the defined development boundary; or where the settlement is not subject to a development boundary, the site is well related to the extent of the contiguous built form;

(b) the development is proportionate to the scale and nature of the existing settlement;

(c) there is an identified local need for affordable housing sufficient to justify the extent and nature of the proposed development;

(d) the housing need could not reasonably be satisfied without the exceptional release of land;

(e) arrangements are in place to ensure that the affordable housing, remains available to the local community in perpetuity;

(f) where it can be robustly demonstrated that an element of market housing is required to enable delivery of significant additional affordable housing, it will be supported provided that:

(i) the element of market housing is the minimum amount required to enable the delivery of the proposed affordable housing; and

(ii) the mix of open market dwellings, in terms of type and size, complies with the requirements of Policy ST17;

(g) environmental and heritage assets are not subject to significant harm, are conserved or enhanced, with particular respect to the setting and special qualities of nationally important landscapes, biodiversity and heritage designations and the undeveloped coast; and

(h) the use of planning conditions, obligations or other legally defensible limitations to:

(i) restrict occupation to households identified as being in need of affordable housing; and

(ii) give priority of occupation to households with a local connection.

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