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(1) Sites for traveller accommodation will be allocated within a separate North Devon and Torridge Traveller Site Allocations Development Plan Document.

(2) Sites for traveller accommodation will be identified and planning applications will be supported, providing the sites meet all of the following criteria:

(a) the development is commensurate and proportionate to the scale and nature of the nearest settled community;

(b) it does not have an unacceptable landscape, visual or environmental impact;

(c) it offers an acceptable level of amenity to prospective occupants and will have no significant detrimental impact to the amenities of neighbouring occupiers;

(d) the site is located where occupants can gain reasonable access to local services and facilities including health and school provision;

(e) it does not place undue pressure on local infrastructure and services;

(f) the health and safety of occupants and visitors will not be at risk through unsafe access to the site, noise pollution or unacceptable flood risk;

(g) adequate on-site provision is afforded for vehicle parking and manoeuvring along with appropriate storage space, ancillary facilities and residential amenity space;

(h) the site is capable of being provided with essential services; and

(i) the scale of employment activity is balanced to the residential component of the proposal.

(3) Proposals seeking to deliver transit accommodation will be required to demonstrate that they offer adequate, safe and convenient access to the strategic highway network.

(4) Proposals seeking to deliver accommodation for travelling show people will be required to offer adequate provision for the on-site storage, maintenance and testing of associated equipment.

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