Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Within development boundaries, or within the principal built form of Policy ST07 identified settlements without development boundaries and within Rural Settlements, the development of individual shops or small groups of shops to serve neighbourhood or village needs will be supported provided that:

(a) it is of a scale and location appropriate to serve the shopping needs of the local community;

(b) the operation of the retail unit(s) would not be detrimental to the amenity of neighbouring residents; and

(c) the local highway network can accommodate additionally generated traffic and the safety of public highway users is maintained.

(2) In the open countryside proposals for small scale retail development, which are ancillary to the main function of an existing enterprise will be supported provided that:

(a) the location and scale of the development would not harm the vitality and viability of Town or District Centre or village shopping facilities;

(b) the development would not lead to an unacceptable impact on the local road network; and

(c) there would not be an unacceptable adverse impact to the character and appearance of the countryside or historic environment.

(3) The change of use of local shops will be supported provided that:

(a) there is suitable alternative or replacement provision in the locality; or

(b) it is demonstrated that the business is no longer viable and cannot reasonably be made so.

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