Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) To increase Town and District Centre viability and vitality, development proposals for retail, leisure, commercial, office, tourism, cultural, community and residential development will be supported within defined Town and District Centre boundaries subject to satisfactory regard to (2) and:

(a) the retention and enhancement of the Town and District Centres historic character;

(b) the proposed development being readily accessible by sustainable transport modes; and

(c) the effective use of upper floors is maintained or secured.

(2) Within the Town and District Centres, the retail function will be safeguarded and enhanced. Development and change of use of ground floor premises to alternative uses will be supported unless:

(a) the Primary Shopping Area’s character is undermined through the loss of key retail opportunities or the resultant fragmentation and isolation of the remaining shops;

(b) within Primary Frontages, defined on the Policies Map, the proportion of units in A1 use is below or would fall below 60%;

(c) within the Primary Shopping Area the proposal would harm the vitality or viability of the town centre where the overall proportion of units in A1 use is below or would fall below 50%; and

(d) there would be a detrimental effect on the visual character and amenities of the surrounding area.

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