Neighbourhood Plan Online
  1. Proposals for new development must be sited and designed so as to promote and support the distinctive character of the AONB in Fowey Parish and the Fowey Parish Conservation Areas.
  2. The scale, massing, character, appearance and density of development should relate sympathetically to the built and natural environment of Fowey Parish, including any impact on the skyline, visually exposed plateaus, ridges or steep sided valley sides as identified in the Fowey Settlement Edge Assessment, Local Landscape Character Assessment (2018).
  3. Public spaces and routes should be attractive, accessible and easy to move through and function effectively for all in society, especially those with mobility difficulties.
  4. As part of the evidence of compliance with this policy, planning applications should include, where appropriate, a clear visual representation of the final form of the proposed buildings in the context of their immediate neighbourhood and wider protected landscape.

Planning Terms

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