Neighbourhood Plan Online
  1. Due to the impact upon the local housing market of the continued uncontrolled growth of dwellings used for holiday accommodation (as second or holiday homes) new open market housing will only be permitted where there is a condition restricting occupancy as a Principal Residence. Principal residences are defined as those occupied as the residents’ sole or main residence, where the resident spends the majority of their time when not working away from home or living abroad.
  2. The condition placed on new open market homes will require that they are occupied by the owner or their tenants as their primary (principal) residence. Owners of homes with a Principal Residence condition will be required to keep proof that they are meeting the condition, and be willing to provide this proof if/when CC requests this information. Proof of Principal Residence is via verifiable evidence including (but not limited to) residents being registered on the local electoral register and being registered for and attending local services (such as healthcare, schools, etc.)
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