Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Development of new, or extensions or improvements to existing community facilities that meet the needs of local communities will be supported within or adjoining defined settlements and Rural Settlements where:

(a) it does not harm the character of the area and the amenities of the surrounding uses;

(b) it is well related to public transport infrastructure, where possible, and is accessible by walking or cycling; and

(c) it can be accessed without generating unacceptable levels of traffic on the local road network and / or reducing highway safety.

(2) In areas poorly served by public and community transport, support will be given to innovative schemes to secure local delivery of public services. Delivery of services through the use of mobile services and technology will be encouraged where service improvements result.

(3) Development that involves the loss of community services and facilities will not be supported unless there is compelling evidence to demonstrate:

(a) the existing use is no longer commercially viable or could not be made commercially viable; or

(b) there is alternative local provision that is accessible to the local community by walking or cycling; and in either case

(c) the premises are no longer required to meet the needs of the local community.

(4) Community initiatives to deliver services and facilities, identified through Parish Plans or equivalent documents, will be supported where they meet demonstrable social or economic needs and contribute to making local communities more sustainable.

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