Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Proposals for development incorporating on-site provision of renewable energy (other than wind energy) or renewable heat and/or low carbon technologies will be supported and encouraged where appropriate.

(2) Proposals by community-led enterprises and schemes that meet the needs of local communities to offset their energy and heat demand from renewable and low carbon sources (other than wind energy) will be supported where appropriate.

(3) Renewable and low carbon energy and heat generating development (other than wind energy) will be supported in the landscape character types where:

(a) landscape sensitivity is best able to accommodate them, assessed in accordance with the Councils’ Landscape Sensitivity Assessments and by the landscape’s sensitivity to accommodate the scale of development;

(b) there is no significant impact on local amenities; and

(c) the special qualities of nationally important landscape, biodiversity and heritage designations and their settings are conserved or enhanced.

(4) Renewable and low carbon energy development (other than wind energy) will be supported where it can demonstrate that the cumulative impact of operational, consented and proposed development on landscape character does not become a significant or defining characteristic of the wider fabric, character and quality of the landscape.

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