Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) A site of approximately 13.6 hectares east and west of Hacche Lane plus an additional 2.5 hectares for a new livestock market , as identified on Policies Map 9, is allocated for economic development that includes the following site specific development principles:

(a) at least 2.5 hectares of land safeguarded for the provision of a new livestock market;

(b) strategic structural landscaping including tree planting along the northern, southern and western boundaries, as identified on the Policies Map;

(c) retention of existing hedgerows; and

(d) a sustainable drainage system that does not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere in the town.

(2) The transport and connectivity strategy for the expansion of Pathfields Business Park includes:

(a) provision of a road from Bucknell Way, crossing Hacche Lane and linking to the B3226 to the west;

(b) provision of, or contribution towards, bus links connecting to the town centre; and

(c) connections to the existing network of footpaths and cycleways that connect Pathfields Business Park to the town centre and the community woodland.

(3) Land at Borner’s Bridge on the A361, as shown on the Policies Map, is identified for junction improvements, which must not be compromised by delivery of other developments.

(4) A reserve site of approximately 3 hectares west of Hacche Lane, as shown on Policies Map 9, is safeguarded for future economic development if required during the plan period. The site will be released if:

(a) the allocated land has been fully developed or committed; and

(b) the land is required to meet additional demand.

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