Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) A site of about 2.3 hectares between Alswear Old Road and George Nympton Road, as identified on Policies Map 9, is allocated for residential development that includes:

(a) approximately 60 dwellings, the size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs;

(b) vehicular access primarily from George Nympton Road linking through to the new sports hub to the east;

(c) pedestrian and cycle access across the site between the new sports hub and the primary school;

(d) structural landscaping along the southern boundary; and

(e) contributions towards additional physical, social and green infrastructure within the town.

(2) A site of about 9 hectares east of Alswear Old Road, as identified on Policies Map 9, is allocated for a sports hub that:

(a) provides a range of new sports pitches;

(b) includes a sports pavilion incorporating changing rooms in a single building, which is designed and sited to minimise its landscape impact;

(c) provides connections to the existing footpaths along Trigley Lane and through the Sheep Fair Field, and enhancement of biodiversity networks within and around the site;

(d) safeguards the dark night sky over Exmoor National Park if flood lighting is provided; and

(e) improves the width of Alswear Old Road.

(3) The residential development west of Alswear Old Road must not commence until a new sports pitch that meets the needs of South Molton Football Club has been provided as part of the new sports hub.

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