Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) A site of about 32 hectares at Daddon Hill, as defined on Policies Map 8A, is allocated to deliver a sustainable, high quality mixed use development that includes:

(a) approximately 500 dwellings, providing a mix of housing types and size to reflect local need, including affordable housing and an Extra Care facility;

(b) a 420 place primary school with an associated nursery and children’s centre delivery base, located to maximise accessibility to the resident catchment; and

(c) a neighbourhood community centre.

(2) The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) development to be carried out in a comprehensive basis in accordance with the requirements and provisions of an agreed Master Plan;

(b) vehicular access onto Buckleigh Road from Daddon Hill/Laundry Lane;

(c) restricted vehicle movements along Daddon Hill/Laundry Lane which will become a Sustainable Transport Link;

(d) highway improvements from and including the A39/Buckleigh Road to the site, including junction improvements at Silford Cross and at the junction of Buckleigh Road and the A39 ;

(e) enhanced on site management of surface water and drainage so as not to increase flood risk on the site and beyond, including as necessary contributions to secure improvements to the Kenwith Flood Risk Defence Scheme;

(f) strategic landscaping measures to ensure the development respects the sensitivity of the existing landscape setting;

(g) integration of strategic landscaping and green infrastructure, including public open space, to integrate the development into its setting and mitigate its impact on the wider countryside;

(h) integrated pedestrian, cycle and public transport networks that provide connections to neighbouring residential areas.

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