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Policy NOR: Northam Spatial Vision and Development Strategy

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The Spatial Vision
Northam will build upon its strengths taking advantage of its coastal location. Westward Ho! will be established as a thriving coastal resort and Appledore will develop further as a centre for maritime activities. The development of marine based industries and a quality tourism offer will contribute to re-balancing Northam’s community and add economic value to the area.

The three centres will continue to provide a range of services and facilities to meet locally generated needs and to accommodate the expanded needs of visitors to the area. Across Appledore, Northam and Westward Ho! a range of housing appropriate to local needs will be provided. Development will be supported by necessary infrastructure that will be delivered in a manner to minimise deficiencies against service capacity.

In meeting the future growth needs of the area, development will be delivered without prejudice to valued environment and historic assets having due regard to the importance of the areas setting and landscape quality.

The Spatial Development Strategy
Over the period to 2031, the Local Plan will enable significant growth of high quality development which is supported by necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of Northam Parish. Achieved development will be delivered having regard to the settlements setting in the landscape and the special character of the area provided by a coastal location. Specifically, the Local Plan will support:

(a) provision of a minimum of 1,916 dwellings to meet all the communities housing needs, including affordable and supported homes together with an expanded supply to meet the increasing needs of the area’s ageing population, which will be supported with associated development and infrastructure on a continuous basis;

(b) in addition to existing commitments, new site allocations, including capacity provided by previously developed sites, will be required to provide approximately 1,740 dwellings;

(c) urban extensions to the south of Westward Ho! and Northam (as part of the provision of new site allocations) will accommodate significant levels of housing growth of approximately 1,240 dwellings that is supported by social and physical infrastructure;

(d) employment will be supported by safeguarding and developing upon important economic resources, significantly in relation to Appledore Shipyard, port facilities and tourism assets;

(e) deliver economic growth through capitalising on enhanced levels of assistance offered by the Assisted Areas status;

(f) support for key site regeneration and new site development in Westward Ho! that would positively contribute to the centre’s role as a coastal resort and result in an extension of the tourism season, through securing improved access to the resort and qualitative improvements to facilities, attractions and visitor accommodation;

(g) support for development at Northam Burrows that would improve the visitor offer through the provision of enhanced facilities and infrastructure;

(h) avoidance of development that would contribute to coalescence between Appledore and Northam and the designated Green Wedge in Northam;

(i) social and community facilities will be required to support new development and address established needs, including an expansion of education capacity and recreation and sports facilities;

(j) new developments will meet their own infrastructure requirements and will contribute to sustainable movement, including improved routes and facilities for cycling and walking. Improved capacity at Heywood Road roundabout will also be required together with improvements to A39/B3236 junction to accommodate increased traffic movements from Bideford and Northam. Improved sea defences at Westward Ho! will also be pursued as necessary to address the consequences of climate change; and

(k) development that respects the landscape setting including the special landscape character and qualities of the adjoining Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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