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Policy HOL04: West of Dobles Lane Industrial Estate

Area specific policy, Local Plan, North Devon, North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, Torridge

(1) Land to the west of Dobles Lane Industrial Estate, extending to about 2.1 hectares and as defined on Policies Map 6, is allocated for economic development that includes:

(a) land and premises for economic development that is reflective of the site, its wider context and focused on meeting identified local business needs; and

(b) an extended spinal estate road, connecting River Tamar Way to the southern boundary of the allocated site, appropriate to serve the proposed development, safeguard future opportunities for the delivery of economic development on the adjoining field parcel to the south and to form part of a future highway link to Trewyn Road.

(2) The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) provision of off-site highway improvements as necessitated by the development;

(b) appropriate layout, planting, screening and boundary treatments to:

(i) safeguard the amenity of neighbouring properties; and

(ii) provide an acceptable transition to the open countryside; and

(c) incorporation of a sustainable water strategy.

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