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Policy HOL03: Land between Rydon Road and Trewyn Road

Area specific policy, Local Plan, North Devon, North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, Torridge

(1) Land between Rydon Road and Trewyn Road, extending to about 10.5 hectares, as defined on Policies Map 6, is allocated for residential development that includes:

(a) approximately 140 dwellings, the type, size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs; and

(b) provision of a section of a distributor link road from Rydon Road onto the northern site boundary. 

(2) The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) retention and enhancement of existing hedgerows and provision of strategic green infrastructure on the western part of the site and to the northern boundary to facilitate integration of the site into the wider landscape;

(b) primary highway access from a new junction onto Rydon Road with secondary access onto Trewyn Road and Trewyn Park Road;

(c) development proposals that avoid or mitigate any adverse impacts on the adjacent County Wildlife Site;

(d) development proposals that are supported by a sustainable water strategy; and,

(e) proposals that safeguard the opportunities for the future operation of the quarry located to the north west of the site.

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