Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Land to the south of Under Lane (about 4.5 hectares) as defined on Policies Map 6, is identified for a sustainable, high quality, mixed use development that includes:

(a) approximately 90 dwellings, the type, size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs;

(b) provision within the site of physical infrastructure, community facilities and green infrastructure required by the development;

(c) a new convenience retail food store along with associated parking facilities; and

(d) a publicly accessible riverside park.

(2) The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) development to be carried out in a comprehensive basis in accordance with the requirements and provisions of the endorsed site development brief;

(b) development not to commence until a replacement livestock market facility is provided and operational;

(c) vehicular access to be provided via the formation of appropriate new junctions onto Under Lane and the A388;

(d)  safeguarding of future highway access to potential future residential development on adjoining land to the west;

(e) development proposals to preserve or enhance the adjoining Conservation Area, including its wider setting;

(f) provision of an integrated package of strategic landscaping and green infrastructure, including public open space along and adjacent to the southern site boundary, to integrate the development into its setting and mitigate its impact on the wider countryside;

(g) provision of a pedestrian friendly and permeable layout including access to, and along, the River Deer corridor at the southern boundary; and

(h) incorporation of a sustainable water strategy.

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