Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) A site of approximately 4 hectares, to the east of Hatchmoor Industrial Estate, as defined on Policies Map 5, is allocated for the delivery of economic development that provides a mix of premises reflective of the site and appropriate to enable business start up and expansion.

(2) The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) provision of an integrated package of landscaping and green infrastructure, including the retention of existing trees and hedgerows where possible, to integrate the development into its setting and mitigate its impact on the wider countryside and surrounding uses;

(b) safeguarding of an appropriate vehicular access, extending to the northern boundary, to enable the future delivery of land for economic development to the north of the site;

(c) highway access to be achieved through the formation of new junction(s) onto Hatchmoor Road and the provision of off-site highway improvements as necessitated by development; and

(d) provision of bus, pedestrian and cycle connectivity to provide accessible sustainable transport links to the town centre and beyond.

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