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Policy GTT: Great Torrington Spatial Vision and Development Strategy

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The Spatial Vision

Great Torrington will develop as a self sufficient local service centre with a vibrant, independent retail and employment offering. Great Torrington will be enhanced and promoted through tourism and leisure utilising its unique cultural heritage as well as the natural environment of the Commons. Its future will be supported through small to medium scale employment and housing development and the successful regeneration of key sites and buildings both within the historic town centre and urban fringe. A creative and dynamic community will be fostered through improved access to arts, culture and leisure facilities.

The Spatial Development Strategy

Over the period to 2031, the Local Plan will enable growth of high quality development and supporting infrastructure to meet the needs within Great Torrington and its supporting area that will positively contribute towards the delivery of the spatial vision for the town whilst respecting the sensitive setting of the town in the landscape. Specifically, the Local Plan will support:

(a) high quality, sustainable development secured in appropriate locations that maintain the integrity of the settlement’s setting within the Great Torrington Common;

(b) provision of a minimum of 632 dwellings, including affordable and supported homes, to meet all the communities housing needs, with associated development and infrastructure;

(c) delivery of the housing requirement will be secured through redevelopment opportunities on brownfield sites within the town and modest urban extensions to the east and south;

(d) expanded educational capacity provided by a new primary school and enhanced early years provisions;

(e) additional employment land, approximately 4 hectares to the east of the Hatchmoor Industrial Estate, and the safeguarding of employment activity at the former abattoir site will enhance job opportunities for residents and limit commuting to larger settlements for employment;

(f) regeneration opportunities will be actively pursued including at the former Creamery site to the south west of the town;

(g) deliver economic growth through capitalising on enhanced levels of assistance offered by the Assisted Areas status;

(h) improvement and enhancement of the town’s retail function; and

(i) enhancement and promotion of the town’s heritage and cultural assets, particularly within the Conservation Area, to meet the needs generated by residents and visitors.

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