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A site of about 30 hectares north of the Tarka Trail at Yelland Quay, as identified on Policies Map 4, is allocated for a high quality, mixed-use development that will deliver the following site specific development principles:

(a) redevelopment in a comprehensive manner in accordance with an agreed master plan;

(b) approximately 250 dwellings the size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs;

(c) approximately 6,000 square metres of economic development and community facilities, compatible with its waterside location including business development, tourism and leisure uses;

(d) buildings and structures will be sited and designed in accordance with an agreed ‘Design Code’ to address their visual impact on the open landscape setting of the estuary and to avoid any harm to the protected biodiversity value of the Site of Special Scientific Interest and other designated habitats in the locality;

(e) retention of the existing jetty and wharf and provision of associated operational land, including a safeguarded vehicular access to it;

(f) provision of adequate flood alleviation measures with design and distribution of uses to minimise and mitigate against any risks from flooding;

(g) assessment and remediation, prior to commencement of redevelopment, of any site contamination arising from historic uses;

(h) contributions to and enhancement of the green infrastructure network within and adjoining the site including the provision of a new football pitch with associated facilities and provision of informal open space on the site of the former ash beds;

(i) provision of a net gain in biodiversity through enhancement of existing habitats;

(j) contributions towards a wider study on the potential impact of increased recreational pressure on the SSSI and nesting birds in the estuary;

(k) provision of a public car park for users of the Tarka Trail;

(l) improvements to the existing road junction with the B3233;

(m) improved pedestrian and cycle links through and around the site and from the B3233 to the Tarka Trail;

(n) appropriate traffic management measures where vehicular traffic crosses the Tarka Trail to reduce conflict with, and improve safety for, pedestrians and cyclists using the Tarka Trail;

(o) provision of a 10 metre landscape buffer along the developable site frontage alongside the Tarka Trail; and

(p) opportunities for the generation of renewable energy.

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