Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Land at the former Fremington Army Camp, (about 14 hectares), as identified on Policies Map 4, is allocated for a comprehensive, sustainable mixed use development that includes:

(a) approximately 277 dwellings, the size and tenure of which will reflect local needs;

(b) provision of sports pitches and a multi-use games area; and

(c) provision of physical infrastructure, community facilities, and green infrastructure required by the development.

(2) The site will deliver the following site specific development principles:

(a) provide a mix of house types, tenures and sizes of open market and affordable homes contributing towards the identified local needs;

(b) safeguard the historic setting of the military buildings identified as heritage assets and retain their re-use for community uses and ensure protection of the character and appearance of the Conservation Area;

(c) enhance the green infrastructure buffer along the eastern boundary alongside Fremington Local Nature Reserve;

(d) enhance existing hedgerows along the northern and western boundaries; and

(e) provide a sustainable water strategy that reduces water usage, incorporates sustainable drainage systems and does not increase the risk of flooding elsewhere in the locality.

(3) The transport and connectivity strategy for the development will:

(a) include traffic management measures to deliver a safe access without an unacceptable impact on identified heritage assets; and

(b) provide a footway and cycleway through the eastern part of the site between the Tarka Trail and Church Hill.

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