Neighbourhood Plan Online

In support of the agricultural sector, proposals for farm diversification schemes will be supported where:

(a) the scale of development is justified by the operational needs of the enterprise and will reinforce the viability of the existing farm business;

(b) the prospects for the reuse of vacant buildings, underused, or redundant agricultural buildings or their sites have been explored fully and opportunities exhausted;

(c) any new buildings are sited close to existing buildings and can be satisfactorily assimilated into the surrounding countryside having regard to form, bulk, design, landform, landscaping, special landscape qualities and character;

(d) the development will not detract unreasonably from the amenities of the occupiers of accommodation in the vicinity; and

(e) there is no resultant unacceptable increase in traffic on approach roads or detriment to the safety of users of the public highway.

Planning Terms

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