Neighbourhood Plan Online

To support additional job creation in settlements identified by Policy ST06 and Policy ST07, economic development will be supported on:

(a) existing and allocated employment land and other suitable sites within development boundaries and the principal built form of Local Centres and Villages without development boundaries; and

(b) new employment sites of an appropriate scale to the settlement, adjacent or well related to the development boundary/settlement to meet an identified business need and contribute to the area’s economic objectives, where the Council is satisfied that there is an insufficient supply of sites in the area and the development cannot be accommodated within the development boundary/settlement;

provided that:

(c) the proposal and any associated employment activities can be carried out without undue detriment to residential amenity, public highway users, town centre vitality, landscape character and the environment generally including any buildings or features of designated importance; and

(d) the development has an adequate and safe access and does not give rise to excessive or inappropriate traffic and will contribute to the general aim of reducing the need to travel by private car.

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