Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) All proposals affecting heritage assets should be accompanied by sufficient information, in the form of a Heritage Statement, to enable the impact of the proposal on the significance of the heritage asset and its setting to be properly assessed. As part of such an assessment, consideration should be given, in order of preference, for avoiding any harm, providing enhancement, then minimising and mitigating any harm.

(2) Proposals which conserve and enhance heritage assets and their settings will be supported. Where there is unavoidable harm to heritage assets and their settings, proposals will only be supported where the harm is minimised as far as possible, and an acceptable balance between harm and benefit can be achieved in line with the national policy tests, giving great weight to the conservation of heritage assets.

(3 ) Proposals to improve the energy efficiency of, or to generate renewable energy from, historic buildings or surrounding these heritage assets will be supported where:

(a) there is no significant harm or degradation of historic fabric including traditional windows; and

(b) equivalent carbon dioxide emission savings cannot be achieved by alternative siting or design that would have a less severe impact on the integrity of heritage assets.

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