Neighbourhood Plan Online


(1) Development will be supported where it does not cause an unacceptable risk to public health and safety due to:

(a) coastal erosion or land instability;

(b) its siting on known or suspected contaminated land which is unsuitable for the use proposed; or

(c) the storage or use of hazardous substance;

unless taking account of appropriate remedial, preventative or precautionary measures to remove, reduce or mitigate risk to an acceptable level.


(2) Development will be supported where it does not result in unacceptable impacts to:

(a) atmospheric pollution by gas or particulates, including smell, fumes, dust, grit, smoke and soot;

(b) pollution of surface or ground water (fresh and salt) including rivers, canals, other watercourses, water bodies, wetlands, water gathering grounds including catchment areas, aquifers, groundwater protection areas, harbours, estuaries or the sea;

(c) noise or vibration; and

(d) light pollution (sky glow, light intrusion and light spillage), where light overspills on to areas not intended to be lit. Areas particularly sensitive to light pollution include tranquil areas of open countryside, in particular areas of nature conservation value and Exmoor National Park’s Dark Sky Reserve.

Air Quality Management Area

(3) Development and traffic proposals that help to deliver measures identified within a Local Air Quality Action Plan or improved overall air quality will be supported.

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