Neighbourhood Plan Online

Over the period to 2031, the Local Plan will enable growth of high quality development supported by necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of Bratton Fleming. The spatial vision for Bratton Fleming will be delivered through:

(a) the provision of a minimum of 44 new dwellings, including affordable homes, to meet the range of needs in the community. The supply of housing will be delivered through extant planning consents, dwellings under construction and a single site allocation;

(b) an extension in the centre of the village to accommodate approximately 25 new dwellings;

(c) accommodating additional housing on small scale sites (less than 10 homes) within or on the edge of the existing built area of the village in accordance with Policy DM23;

(d) supporting the expansion of existing village and parish employment opportunities, and the introduction of new business activities;

(e) securing an expansion of the school and pre-school and the provision of additional facilities at the Sports Club;

(f) reducing traffic speeds in the centre of the village, in the interests of highway safety;

(g) the protection and enhancement of the existing sports pitches;

(h) accommodating additional cemetery provision if required;

(i) supporting the retention and expansion of village facilities and services to meet the needs of the local community and visitors to the area including the provision of a community shop; and in all cases; and

(j) ensuring the setting and character of the village is not harmed by any future development.

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