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Policy BRA: Braunton and Wrafton Spatial Vision and Development Strategy

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The Spatial Vision

Housing and employment growth to the south-east of Braunton and Wrafton will deliver a mix of high quality, sustainable family and affordable housing integrated with serviced employment land and key community infrastructure. Development will also make use of previously developed land and retain and improve access to community facilities for the villages that delivers a greater sense of self-sufficiency. The high quality built and natural environments of Braunton and Wrafton and their separate identities will be respected and managed. 

Braunton and Wrafton will become healthier and more accessible by improving traffic management to reduce congestion and improve air quality in Braunton village centre. An enhanced network of public footpaths and cycleways will link with the Tarka Trail and local beaches. Superfast broadband will support the growth of existing businesses and provide new employment opportunities, including through tourism with the provision of a Biosphere Reserve visitor centre.

Effective cooperation with partners will deliver key services and facilities including through the community and voluntary sectors. The empowered community will make the most of its talents and leadership to deliver the vision, with all residents able to contribute to and participate in community life.

The Spatial Development Strategy

Over the period to 2031, the Local Plan will enable growth of high quality development supported by necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of Braunton and Wrafton. The spatial vision for Braunton and Wrafton will be delivered through:

(a) provision of a minimum of 390 dwellings, including affordable homes, to meet the range of the community’s housing needs, with associated development and infrastructure on a continuous basis during the Plan period between 2011 and 2031;

(b) provision of new site allocations of approximately 420 dwellings;

(c) two strategic extensions to the south-east of Braunton and Wrafton (as part of the provision of new site allocations) to accommodate approximately 370 new family dwellings and serviced employment land plus land safeguarded for expansion of Perrigo supported by required physical, social and green infrastructure;

(d) economic growth through capitalising on enhanced levels of assistance offered by the Assisted Area status;

(e) enhancement of and improved access to Chivenor Business Park;

(f) delivery of superfast broadband connections;

(g) support for initiatives that provide opportunities for new tourism, leisure and recreation facilities including improved cycle and pedestrian linkages between Braunton and Saunton;

(h) improved traffic management and improved air quality in the village centre;

(i) social and community facilities required to support new development including increased primary and secondary school capacity, early years provision and additional formal open space;

(j) support for initiatives to improve and mitigate against any adverse harm on water quality in the rivers and estuary; and

(k) enhancement of existing flood defences and associated flood risk mitigation measures to address flooding issues in the villages.

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