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Policy BID05: Land adjoining Caddsdown Business Park

Area specific policy, Local Plan, North Devon, North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, Torridge

(1) Land adjoining Caddsdown Business Park, extending to about 18  hectares and as defined on Policies Map 2, will be developed comprehensively to deliver a sustainable, high quality mixed use development that includes:

(a) approximately 8 hectares of land for economic development focused on BI, B2 and B8 uses as appropriate to the site and its wider context, ensuring that there is a mix of unit sizes to enable business start up and expansion;

(b) approximately 130 dwellings, including affordable homes, with an emphasis on providing a mix of housing types and sizes that reflects local needs; and

(c) an integrated highway network that incorporates:

(i) the formation of a new east-west aligned vehicular link, as part of a wider distributor road through BID09 and extending to the site’s eastern boundary;

(ii) the provision of an extended spinal estate road for Caddsdown Business Park to service the new economic development; and

(iii) the formation of a new junction onto Clovelly Road, providing access to the site from its north-eastern boundary.

(2) The site will be developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) strategic landscaping measures to ensure the development respects the sensitivity of the existing landscape setting;

(b) areas of green infrastructure providing opportunities for biodiversity enhancement and informal recreation;

(c) integrated pedestrian, cycle and public transport networks that provides connections to neighbouring residential and commercial areas;

(d) appropriate design and layout to ensure effective site use and co-existence of housing and economic development; and

(e) noise mitigation measures as necessary to avoid a prejudicial impact on the future operation of businesses within and beyond the site.

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