Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Land at Cleave Wood, extending to about 13 hectares and as defined on Policies Map 2, is allocated as a mixed use development that includes:

(a) approximately 250 dwellings including affordable homes, with an emphasis on providing a mix of housing types and sizes that reflects local needs;

(b) health care facilities, including related car parking on a site of about 0.6 hectares; and

(c) a neighbourhood community centre, including a Children’s Centre base and satellite youth facilities.

(2) The site will be comprehensively developed in accordance with the following site specific development principles:

(a) the primary vehicular access provided from Manteo Way with a secondary access from Alverdiscott Road to the eastern element of the allocation; and

(b) a wide belt of tree planting and other appropriate screening around Broomhayes and adjoining employment uses.

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