Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) A site of about 71 hectares West of Bideford, between Abbotsham Road and Clovelly Road, as defined on Policies Map 2, is allocated to deliver a sustainable, high quality mixed use development that will be developed in a comprehensive manner and includes:

(a) approximately 1,050 dwellings, providing a mix of housing types and size to reflect local need, including affordable housing, of which approximately 1,000 are expected to be delivered in the plan period;

(b) a mix of commercial and employment uses on about 5 hectares at Atlantic Park, provided on the basis of a low density, high quality development contained within a wooded area, which reflects the existing nature of the site and safeguards the wider landscape contribution provided by the former woodland; and

(c) integrated social and community infrastructure, including a 420 place primary school with early years provision and a children’s centre delivery base, with associated sports and play facilities and a mixed-use local centre providing a range of facilities.

(2)  This strategic extension will be developed in a comprehensive manner to deliver the following site specific development principles;

(a) a landscape structure that builds on and enhances existing assets, providing accessible green infrastructure and strengthening a distinctive edge to Bideford;

(b) enhanced on site management of surface water and drainage so as not to increase flood risk on the site and beyond and, as necessary, a contribution to improvements to the Kenwith Flood Defence Scheme;

(c) integrated pedestrian, cycle and public transport networks that provide connections to neighbouring residential and commercial areas; and

(d) delivery of a transport strategy that includes: a vehicular route connecting Abbotsham Road and Clovelly Road, a separate access to the commercial development off Clovelly Road, a new access junction onto the A39 and highway improvement at the junction of A39 and Abbotsham Road.

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