Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Land east of Roundswell Community Centre, (about 3 hectares) as identified on Policies Map 1, is allocated for high quality residential development that includes:

(a) approximately a 50-bed unit of self-contained extra care housing, the size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs; and

(b) provision within the site for physical infrastructure, community facilities, and green infrastructure required by the development.

(2) Development will provide a sustainable water strategy that reduces water usage, manages surface water runoff through water storage and sustainable drainage systems to reduce the risk of flooding along Muddlebrook and elsewhere in Barnstaple.

(3) The transport and connectivity strategy for the site will:

(a) provide vehicular access from Old Bideford Road; and

(b) provide a footpath and cycle link between Old Bideford Road and Old Torrington Road to contribute towards delivery of the cross-town cycle route.

(4) The development will not be commenced until an alternative primary school within the Roundswell / Bickington area has been started.

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