Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Land adjoining Westaway Plain, (about 6.5 hectares) as identified on Policies Map 1, is allocated for high quality residential development that includes:

(a) approximately 130 dwellings, the size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs; and

(b) provision within the site for physical infrastructure, community facilities, and green infrastructure required by the development.

(2) The site will be developed to deliver the following site specific development principles:

(a) provide a mix of house types, tenures and sizes of open market and affordable homes contributing towards the identified local needs;

(b) retain and enhance existing hedgerows and provide strategic green infrastructure on the northern part of the site as identified on Policies Map 1;

(c) retain and enhance Shearford Lane as a key feature of the green infrastructure network, and retain existing hedgerow boundaries;

(d) safeguard the historic setting of the listed buildings at Westaway and Westaway Cottage; and

(e) provide a sustainable water strategy that reduces water usage, manages surface water runoff through water storage and sustainable drainage systems to avoid increasing the risk of flooding along Bradiford Water and elsewhere in Barnstaple.

(3) The transport and connectivity strategy for the site will provide:

(a) separate vehicular accesses to Westaway Plain from land either side of Shearford Lane, without any vehicular link through Shearford Lane; and

(b) an alternative vehicular route through the site to link Westaway Plain to Northfield Lane

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