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(1) Land at Westacott, (about 80 hectares) as identified on Policies Map 1, is allocated for a comprehensive, sustainable, high quality, mixed use development that includes:

(a) approximately 950 dwellings, the size and tenure of which will be reflective of local needs;

(b) approximately 5 hectares of land for economic development;

(c) a neighbourhood hub to include an additional 420 place primary school including early years and youth provision for the town, community hall, formal and informal open space and recreation and sports facilities;

(d) a new park and change facility close to the A361 junction to facilitate opportunities to use public transport links between Landkey and Barnstaple; and

(e) provision within the site for physical infrastructure, community facilities, and green infrastructure required by the development.

(2) This strategic extension will be developed in a comprehensive manner to deliver the following site specific development principles:

(a) create a distinctive, safe, sustainable, high quality urban extension and new neighbourhood for Barnstaple;

(b) establish a new gateway into Barnstaple and create an appropriate boundary between the development and the adjoining countryside;

(c) provide new business and employment opportunities with good access to the A361;

(d) safeguard the historic setting of the listed buildings at Acland Barton, Westacott House and Thornfield Barn;

(e) provide a neighbourhood hub that forms a focus to meet the community’s needs and offers complementary services and facilities rather than replacing those available elsewhere in the town centre;

(f) enhance and make connections to the existing network of local and strategic green infrastructure through and around the site, including the protection and enhancement of Acland Wood county wildlife site and provision of new footpaths, cycleways, public open spaces, wildlife corridors and sport and recreation facilities;

(g) provide a mix of house types, tenures and sizes of open market and affordable homes contributing towards the identified local needs; and

(h) provide a sustainable water strategy that reduces water usage, manages surface water runoff through water storage and sustainable drainage systems in combination with tree planting to reduce the risk of flooding along the Coney Gut and elsewhere in Barnstaple.

(3) The transport and connectivity strategy for this strategic site will:

(a) provide improvements at the Landkey junction on the A361 to deliver the primary vehicular access to all parts of the development and provide a new vehicular link between the development and Westacott Road;

(b) provide a new park and change facility close to the Landkey junction and improve public transport links between Landkey, Whiddon Valley and the town centre; and

(c) establish a permeable and connected network of footpaths and cycleways across the site that facilitates connections for pedestrians and cyclists between the proposed development, Landkey and Whiddon Valley and the Tarka Trail, to improve opportunities for sustainable travel choices within and around Barnstaple to reduce reliance on the private motor car.

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