Neighbourhood Plan Online

(1) Land at the Glebe, as shown on Policies Map 27, is allocated for residential development that includes:

(a) approximately 23 dwellings, including affordable homes, with a focus on providing a mix of housing types and sizes to reflect local need.

(2) The site should be developed in accordance with the following specific development principles:

(a) single vehicular access from south-western corner from B3236;

(b) footway and cycleway access from the residential development to village facilities both on and off site (there will be a need for off-site highway works in relation to strategic highway infrastructure and be a requirement for the development to contribute towards such works);

(c) financial contribution towards the enhancement of Abbotsham village hall and children’s playground; and

(d) retained and strengthened landscaping on the sites southern boundary to deliver enhanced biodiversity and to integrate the new development into the landscape.

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