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Policy GQD2


All development will be designed in compliance with the Gwennap Parish Design Guide, to a high quality and to reinforce local distinctiveness. Design which fails to have regard to local context and does not preserve or enhance the character and quality of an area will not be acceptable. Development proposals, extensions and alterations to existing buildings and structures will be expected to:

• Have regard to the principles set out in the Gwennap Parish Design Guide

• Make efficient use of land while respecting the density, character, landscape and biodiversity of the surrounding area (including, but not limited to, elements such as Cornish hedges, tree species, wildlife connectivity and burrows) and avoid the appearance of overcrowding/overdevelopment.

• Demonstrate how the proposals have appropriately responded to the natural or historic environment assets on and within the setting of the site, the surrounding landscape and the setting of the area or World Heritage Site.

• Ensure layout and design contribute to local distinctiveness and sense of place, being appropriate and sympathetic in terms of scale, height, massing and density, and in terms of relationship to adjoining buildings, spaces and countryside features

• Ensure development makes a positive contribution to the overall appearance of an area, by using good quality materials of appropriate scale, profile, finish, colour and weathering ability

• Be suitably designed for the context within which they are set and retain existing important landscape and natural features including trees, the natural and historic environment.

• Ensure that the scale and massing of buildings relate sympathetically to the surrounding area

• Create safe environments addressing crime prevention and community safety, including pedestrian, cycle and horse rider safety

• Use traditional and vernacular building materials where such treatment is

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