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Policy ST03: Adapting to Climate Change and Strengthening Resilience

Addressing climate change, Climate resilience, Local Plan, North Devon, North Devon and Torridge Local Plan, Torridge

Development should be designed and constructed to take account of the impacts of climate change and minimise the risk to and vulnerability of people, land, infrastructure and property by:

(a) locating and designing development to minimise flood risk through:

(i) avoiding the development of land for vulnerable uses which is or will be at risk from flooding, and

(ii) managing and reducing flood risk for development where that has wider sustainability or regeneration benefits to the community, or where there is no reasonable alternative site;

(b) reducing existing rates of surface water runoff within Critical Drainage Areas;

(c) upgrading flood defences and protecting key transport routes from risks of flooding;

(d) re-establishing functional flood plains in accordance with the Shoreline Management Plan, Flood Risk Management Plan and Catchment Action Plan;

(e) locating development to avoid risk from current and future coastal erosion;

(f) adopting effective water management including Sustainable Drainage Systems, water quality improvements, water efficiency measures and the use of rainwater;

(g) ensuring development is resilient to the impacts of climate change through making effective use of renewable resources, passive heating and cooling, natural light and ventilation;

(h) ensuring risks from potential climate change hazards, including pollutants (of air and land) are minimised to protect and promote healthy and safe environments;

(i) conserving and enhancing landscapes and networks of habitats, including cross-boundary green infrastructure links, strengthening the resilience of biodiversity to climate change by facilitating migration of wildlife between habitats and improving their connectivity;

(j) protecting and integrating green infrastructure into urban areas, improving access to natural and managed green space; and

(k) promoting the potential contribution from ecosystem services that support adaptation to climate change.

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