Neighbourhood Plan Online

Development will be expected to make a positive contribution towards the social, economic and environmental sustainability of northern Devon and its communities while minimising its environmental footprint by:

(a) reducing greenhouse gas emissions by locating development appropriately and achieving high standards of design;

(b) conserving and enhancing the natural, built and historic environment through the prudent use of key resources including land, buildings and energy, whilst protecting and enhancing the area’s biodiversity, geodiversity, landscape, coastline, air, water, archaeology and culture;

(c) ensuring a balanced mix of uses where development takes place in environmentally, socially and economically sustainable locations by reducing the need to travel, especially by car, and facilitating a step-change towards the use of sustainable modes of transport including walking, cycling and public transport;

(d) promoting opportunities for renewable and low-carbon energy generation whilst conserving and enhancing the natural and built environment;

(e) redeveloping previously developed land and reducing, reusing and recycling resources, including construction materials, providing for more efficient use of facilities and enhanced opportunities for recycling; and

(f) reducing pressure on water resources and increasing their reuse through sustainable water management.

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